power of pleasure

Tides is here to echo your needs in this period of life where our body changes and evolves. Learning from participative workshops, and experiences shared in the women community, Tides is developing a unique language on sexual health and the Power of Pleasure. 

Sexual pleasure is part of overall health. That’s why we are collaborating with pelvic floor therapists and wellbeing practitioners to create a unique online Power of Pleasure course to unleash pleasure potential. 

pleasure is
feeling safe
feeling playful
at one in one's body

Eleanor Mills

a new
kind of

  ‘As confidence grows, so does sexual expression.’ 

We believe that pleasure in the second part of life can be inspiring for all generations. During workshops, we stimulate new sexual expressions, and explore intimacy without pressure to broader areas of discovery. 
Join us to experience another kind of intimacy beyond penetrative sex, and reconnect with our sensual self.